Community comes together to clear out garbage


This group of enthusiastic alumni students were concerned about an empty site near their school.  Residents used it as a dump yard.  Wet waste and dry waste were thrown together.  Not only few residents but people who pass by that side started throwing garbage in plastic bags.   Because of the garbage, there were problems of mosquitoes, rodents, house flies and dogs.   Residents started complaining of bad smell constantly. Residents found it difficult to recognize the people throwing the garbage. Team noticed in that stretch of road, street lights were not working.  Residents also complained about power fluctuations and their electronic goods getting damaged.

Students exhibited their active citizenry skills by working in not just one but two wards.   They met the Corporator, MLA and the engineers in both the wards.  They created awareness on segregation of waste and disposal of the same according to BBMP rules.  Seeing the relentless work of the students, the residents soon join their effort in keeping the neighbourhood clean.